5 Summer Refresh Ideas on a Budget

5 Summer Refresh Ideas on a Budget

If you missed the spring clean refresh or you like to keep up with the changing seasons, we give you 5 budget ideas for a summer refresh that won’t take too much time or break the bank. And did we mention sleep better? Summer is about light and colour, but also about keeping yourself fresh during those hot summer nights.

1. Change your Bed Sheets and Curtains for Lighter Fabrics

A good way to keep cool this summer is to swap poly-cotton bedding for 100% cotton bedding or light linen bed sheets. 100% linen bedding is a great option when it comes to keeping cool on hot summer nights and it’s different from cotton as it allows the air to flow more freely. You can also remove heavy winter curtains from the bedroom and living room and replace them with sheer linen curtains. It would not only help keep the room cooler, but also let in the summer light while keeping the room cool.


Suzanne bed frame

2. Change to a Summer Duvet

Some people are happy to sleep with no covers at all, but in general having a cover help with sleep as we tend to like the feeling of being wrapped up, even in the hot summer days. You can swap your thick duvet for a summer lighter alternative. Look for a lower tog number; a 4.5 tog is perfect for summer and will give you the cover while avoiding a sweaty night. You could also opt to cover your bed just with flat sheet and a light bedspread and save the duvet for winter.


Paris bed frame

3. Move the Furniture Around

During the summer the house might function in a different way. Kids will spend more time at home and family might be around to visit more as you plan a barbeque, so think about how your furniture can adapt and help you optimised your home for the summer. You don’t need new furniture to make your home look fresh unless you really feel the need, but by simply rearranging what you’ve already got you will see a great difference. Do you love watching your garden blooming? Move your sofa so it faces the garden window? Love reading by the windows? Place your accent chair and side table closer to the window or in your conservatory and create that outdoors feeling indoors.

Aidan sling chair

4. Add Accessories with Colourful Accents

Nothing says summer more than bright colours. You can change your pillow covers, add a bright flower vase or candle holder, or simply place some colourful coasters on your coffee table and you will notice the difference. Small accents will help to change the room by creating an uplifting feel without the visual overload. Make sure to select specific items and keep it simple. You want to add a different touch but not change completely the room.

Dane Side Table

5. Bring the Outdoors in

Put a fresh outlook on your decor with a few easy-to-maintain plants or bouquets of fresh flowers. If you have a garden, this is the time to spend some time outdoors looking after it with colourful flower beds or hanging baskets, but with our without a garden bringing that outdoor feel indoors with some plants will make that summer feeling stay for longer. If you are worry about killing them, let’s face it, we have all been there, you could also make your life easier buy getting faux plants. Hanging some or adding them on top of an empty shelf or cabinet will make a great difference. Another tip is to mix some fake and real plants around the house, it would make it harder to tell which ones are the fake plants from the real deal. We also suggest adding some plant stands they will add dimension and create visual interest in an overlook space.