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Choosing the right sofa

Each and every day, the sofa is the place you’ll return to time after time, whether that’s when you want to curl up on an evening, entertain guests, relax after work or snuggle up with family. It’s the most versatile and used piece of furniture in a home, so it has to be good - in quality, comfort and style.

That said, there are so many different styles of sofas out there, from modern sofas that suit the most up-to-date homes to mid-century and classic sofas, they highlight a certain era or style that you want to highlight in your living room.

Add to this every sofa from Zinus arrives in a single package, and can be assembled in minutes, so you can enjoy your chosen piece of furniture as soon as possible.

Stylish Sofas That Make Your Room Pop

Once you’ve chosen a colour and style of sofa, how do you know where it should be? What makes a sofa stand out and make a living room pop in a way that no one will forget it? It might not be the main purpose of a sofa, but it matters. When someone enters the room, you want them to be drawn to the sofa, to want to sit down and experience the welcome it offers.

With the right style and colour, your whole room will come alive. Even if it's not the focal point of the living room, there’s nothing more important than a good sofa, and that’s why we have an amazing range of sofas for you to choose from. No matter what you’re looking for, our colours, styles and sizes, including 2 and 3 people sofas, make sure you can find that perfect piece of furniture for your home.