Office Decor Ideas To Increase Your Productivity

Office Decor Ideas To Increase Your Productivity

Whether by choice or necessity, working from home has become a staple of many people’s lives, and it means more people are creating workspaces or home offices than ever before. That has meant a surge in office decor ideas as everyone looks to make this space or room the ebay it can be, helping them be productive in a natural part of the home.

How Can Home Office Decor Ideas Help You Be Productive?

If home office decor ideas are focused around making the workspace look good, how can they help you improve your productivity during working hours?

Feeling more at home and relaxed in your environment will make you more likely to enjoy being there, and will help you find the motivation to do what needs to be done. The workplace is decorated to appeal to as many people as possible, either being very neutral or focused on a brand's theme.

At home, you choose the style, and your tastes are the key to unlocking your potential. You know what works for you, and what will get the most out of you. Once you find a style you like, or that works for you, that’s what to focus on. Office decor ideas can give you inspiration, it can be a starting point.

Where Can You Find Office Decorating Ideas?

Home office decorating ideas can be found everywhere. There’s no shortage of interior design blogs, work efficiency articles, and social media platforms that can tell you their favourite ways of transforming your home - not to mention our own Pinterest, which has some amazing ideas for you to see!

These inspiration sources often focus on just one aspect at a time, which we don’t think is the best approach for your home. Your home isn’t just used for one thing, even individual rooms can be used for different purposes.

We believe you need to love your home and get the most out of it every day. If that means finding office decor ideas that look good and bring results, that’s what we focus on - and what you’ll find here.

How To Decorate A Home Office

When thinking about how to decorate a home office, especially with a view to boost your productivity, there’s a chance you can be distracted by any number of things that don’t actually make you more focused.

All of the office decorating ideas we’ve listed below will have an impact, whether you choose one or all of them.

Check The View

When creating a home office, think about how you like to work - and what you want to see while working. Yes, you’ll be looking at a screen, device, or equipment most of the time but beyond that, you have a choice.

The common choice is to put your desk against the wall, which can help you reduce distractions, but we have another idea. One of our favourite office decor ideas is to have your desk facing the room where you can. This stops you getting bored from seeing the same wall every day, as the room can change over time. If there’s a window, another option is to have your desk face that, so you have plenty of natural light and a view.

If you’re easily distracted, this might not be the best option, but it’s definitely worth thinking about.

Invest In A Good Office Desk And Chair

Once you have an idea of where your workspace should be, and what you want to see while working, you can look at the different office desks and chairs that are available. We cannot stress enough just how important this is. A desk that fits the space is important, but it needs to be big enough to suit your needs and be comfortable to sit at for hours on end.

If you need a lot of equipment or space to work, we recommend the Luke L-Shaped Office Desk, which fits perfectly into the corner of any room, or can create a small office cubicle feeling if you don’t want to face the wall. When space is limited, try the Lindy White Metal Folding Desk, so when you’re done for the day you can pack it away and not think about work when you should be relaxing. This is one of the smarter home office decor ideas we’ve come across.

Find A Colour You Love

When you create a home office, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time in that room or space on a daily basis. You might even use it for hobbies or projects outside of work where you want to focus. Given how much time you’ll spend here, one of the most important home office style decisions you have to make is its colour. This is a deeply personal choice, but there are some factors to think about.

Work can be stressful, so soothing greens and blues can help you stay calm and focused. They also offer a link to nature, which can be a nice boost throughout the day. Neutral tones can also work, but you might find them bland. However, if your office is in another room, this can be a fantastic option. Monochrome effects offer a good balance here, with dark colours balancing the light for an interesting and professional feel.

We would avoid bright, vibrant colours in most cases, as this might not always suit your work or mood.

Plan What Furniture You Want And Where It Should Go

You have the colours, the desk, and the chair, so now it’s time to start creating your workspace. Having thought about the desk you want, you can try it in different places, if you have the space to do so, to find the best place for it. This is one of the lesser considered office decor ideas, but the layout and position contributes to the room’s feel and look just as much as the colours.

Minimising distractions is a key factor, as is the placement of cupboards and draws that will hold your supplies and tools. There are some units that can fit under your desk, while others will fit nicely at the side - and extend your working space if measured properly. Having these pieces of furniture at your side can also create the office feel, which separates you from home distractions, so there are plenty of ways to experiment and find what works.

Think Vertically

When it comes to your home office style, it’s easy to think about things on a single level, what is in line with your desk and the tools close at hand. But, especially for small home offices, this can really limit what you can do - or what you can include. Thankfully, there is another way.

Where your home office is in the corner of another room, or it has its own walls and a door, think vertically to use as much of the space around you as possible. This is one of the best home office decor ideas, because you can put up shelves - or find taller pieces of storage furniture - that you can reach while working. It means even smaller desks or workspaces can have everything you need, rather than having to break your concentration.

Which Office Decor Ideas Will Work For You?

Speaking practically, some of our office decor ideas will have a bigger impact than others, but you know yourself best.

The desk is going to have the biggest effect on your productivity, as this is where you’ll be working. Whether it’s big or small, make sure it fits into the space or room you plan to house your office and is comfortable to sit at. If it’s not right, you won’t want to be there.

The colour of your workspace will also affect your mood and focus. We recommend the calmer, deeper colours to help you focus, but if you’re the kind of person that loves bright, in-your-face shades, then choose them. You need to look forward to using your home office each day, and this is one of the first things you’ll see.

Find The Right Home Office Style To Keep You Focused

These home office decor ideas will make a big difference to any workspace, and even focusing on just one of them will change the way you feel about working from home. It’s all about balancing form and function to create a focused environment that lets you hit those targets and complete the tasks assigned to you. Get them done and you can enjoy your free time without the guilt-free glances back to your laptop.

If you want to learn more about creating a home office from scratch, or how to transform other parts of your home to create something truly special, check out our blog. There are new ideas and tips regularly.