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Bed frames come in all shapes and styles

There are wood, metal, upholstered, and wood and metal frames - all of which are available in single, double, king and super king sizes at Zinus. Go deeper into your choices and find thin bed frames and chunky options, beds with rounded edges and blocky, angular ones. There are literally endless designs to choose from.

That’s not all, though. With every delivered in a single box, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions, you’ll get good value on every purchase as well as being able to enjoy your bed frame within 15-minutes of arrival. What more could you ask for?

Matching Bed Frames To Your Decor

Of course, while you want the right size bed frame, making sure it fits in with your style is just as important in creating harmony in your bedroom. Whether you’ve chosen a natural theme full of clean, wooden tones that would easily absorb a solid wood bed, or you have an industrial decor theme that uses strong contrasts of wood and metal that would perfectly pair with our metal and wood beds, getting this synergy can help improve the comfort of whatever bed you choose.

If you’re thinking about making a change, then think about the kind of decor you want and the best kind of bed that’ll fit. As the single most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, there’s nothing we can think of more important than the bed, and it starts with choosing the right bed frame. Match your bed frame to the style you have - or want - with Zinus’ help.