9 Kids' Bedroom Ideas They'll Love

9 Kids' Bedroom Ideas They'll Love

A kids’ bedroom is a canvas for them to showcase their developing personality, meaning it could be understated, vibrant, messy, colourful, and full of beauty all at the same time. Going over kids’ bedroom ideas with your little one can be a fun way to let them explore their creative side. And as it’s the space where they’ll be spending time playing, reading, and of course sleeping, so you want it to be a space that they love.

It can be hard to know where to start with children’s bedroom ideas, so we’ve turned to some of our favourite bloggers to see how they’ve designed their kids’ rooms to spark a few ideas in your mind.

1. Keep A Toddler’s Bedroom Simple

two kids beds

When your little one is done with their cot and you’re ready to start thinking about bigger kids’ bedroom furniture, we’ll ship everything you need right to your door for superfast, easy assembly, removing any stress.

Keep their room simple at first, like @stylefitfatty, which will leave them with plenty of opportunity to put their own stamp on it in the future.

2. Calming Colours

wood platform bed in kids room

Many kids’ bedroom ideas feature bold, primary colours and cartoon characters that they’ll quickly grow out of, so it’s understandable if you’re hesitant about going down this route.

However, you can still bring colour to a kid’s bedroom with softer pastel shades - which can also be very calming - floral prints, and bold prints in more muted colours. This is what mum and interior decorator @leigh.fager.interiors did in her daughter’s room.

3. Get A Bed With A USB Port

kids blog

We might not like our kids being glued to their tech devices all the time, but they can be educational, and we certainly welcome the peace and quiet every now and again. Of course, smartphones, tablets, and portable speakers need charging regularly, and they can do this from their bed thanks to our Suzanne Platform Bed, which features a handy shelf and accessible USB port on top of the headboard.

DIY and design blogger @fromgrittopearl has styled this platform bed frame in her home with nature prints and traditional soft toys, creating the ideal balance between modern tech and classic childhood.

4. Posters, Prints, And Motivational Quotes

metal bed frame

Whether they’re obsessed with a particular film, band, or game franchise, let children and teens decorate their walls with posters to express themselves - try not to worry too much about the state of your walls underneath, and remember posters on the wall are a rite of passage.

If you’re looking for art or posters for a little one’s room, take inspiration from @britdotdesign and show them some love with a bold motivational poster. We love how the simplistic monochrome print contrasts with the bright orange wall.

Posters and prints are easy to swap up and switch out too - a much easier option than having to redecorate the whole room!

5. Be Inspired By Neutral Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

wood platform bed in kids room

A neutral bedroom is a great option for teenagers or kids whose preferences change a lot - neutral-coloured bedding, flooring and accessories can easily be brightened with bolder soft furnishings or accessories if they want to put their own stamp on the space.

Neutrals like beige, cream, grey, and brown help to keep the environment a calm and relaxing safe space, which can be more conducive to a good night’s sleep. Take a leaf out of @hugsandmesses’ book and introduce some greenery in the form of a houseplant too.

6. Create A Book Lover’s Haven

kids bedroom with platform bed

If you’re looking for children’s bedroom ideas for a little one who loves stories, being read to, or reading independently, you need our Avery Platform Bed. This bed frame has a cushioned reclining headboard that’s the ideal accompaniment to reading in bed.

Make sure they’ve got a shelf where they can easily access their favourite books, and put in a reading light that reaches them whether they’re sat up reading or taking advantage of that reclining headboard.

We love decor blogger @karsynkdupree has kept the rest of the kids’ bedroom decor simple, allowing little ones to use their imagination to create their own story worlds.

7. Paint A Rainbow Wall Mural

wood platform bed in kids room

A painted wall mural is a great feature in a kids bedroom, and we love what @mamabirdandtribe has done with this hand-painted pastel rainbow, which provides the perfect theme for the rest of this little girl’s bedroom

A mural can be a bold choice, as you’ll need to tie in the bedding and any other accessories with the design, which is why a rainbow is a great choice, as there’s lots of colours to tie in with!

8. Subtly Nod To A Theme


This kids’ bedroom designed by @myhouseof8 doesn’t look like a dinosaur-themed room at first glance, but it is a dinosaur room - just in a more subtle way than you might typically imagine.

Keeping the colour scheme cool grey and monochrome provides a grown-up feel, but the art prints and brilliantly quirky lamp bring that dinosaur theme in. If your son or daughter is starting to outgrow an old favourite theme, this is a great way to update their room without getting rid of all that childhood fun.

9. Find The Right Mattress For Growing Kids

kids mattress

Kids can grow a lot in a short space of time, so you need a mattress that can cope with their growing body and mould to their developing shape. A hybrid mattress with the firmness of springs and the addition of memory foam like our Pressure Relief Euro Top Hybrid Mattress is a great choice.

@the.old.barn.did opted for a comfy 20cm mattress, which is designed to provide the support kids need while they sleep and grow.

Kids’ Bedroom Furniture To Invest In

It can be difficult to know what kind of kids’ bedroom furniture to invest in, as they grow so quickly and their interests can change from week to week. With this in mind, we recommend investing in a good bed frame that gives them plenty of room to grow over the next few years, and make sure you’ve got a decent mattress to go with it.

You don’t need to buy loads of kids’ bedroom furniture, as they’ll want plenty of space for their toys, but we do recommend getting:

  • A bookcase - reading isn’t just educational; it encourages creativity and imagination, so make sure your little one always has plenty of reading material to explore. Book shelves also make a handy space to keep other bits and bobs
  • A desk - whether they use it to colour, do their homework, or it houses a computer, a desk is a must for every child’s bedroom
  • A chest of drawers - they might not need a wardrobe if they’ve got a good set of drawers, giving you extra space for other bedroom accessories or for play. If they’ve already got built-in wardrobes, a chest of drawers also makes for great storage that they can easily access

Shop our full range of bed frames, or contact us if you have any questions.