Finding The Right Home Decor With These 5 Interior Design Styles

With so many of us spending more and more time at home these days, it’s never been more important to make sure your home is a true reflection of your style. It should feel homely, comfortable and relaxing at all times. Finding your aesthetic helps your home feel truly connected to you, so even if you spend all day inside after a day at work, you’ll be happier throughout.

That said, it’s sometimes a lot to take in and figure out. That’s why we’re here to show you some classic and timeless interior design styles to get you started. With these tips, you can start to find home decor styles that are perfect for you.

Finding The Best Interior Design Styles

With all the different interior design styles out there, it can be hard to know what the best one for your home is. There isn’t a right answer here - it all depends on you and what you like. Once you’ve done a bit of research, you’ll be in a better position to start creating the looks you want in your rooms and homes.

Remember that you can take your time with this - there’s no need to rush. Get it right the first time and save yourself hassle later.

Industrial Home Decor

Industrial home decor styles draw inspiration from 19th and 20th-century factories and warehouses, offering a unique look and feel that is uncluttered, but almost unfinished. There’s a blend of materials, where function took priority - and this has now become form. There are colours to support this, and furniture bringing this to life for people who like open spaces where everything has a purpose.

Of all the different interior design styles out there, this has been a constant - and it will be for a long time. Think sturdy, built to last, and consistent for this style, and you won’t be far off.

Some of the core elements of the industrial interior design trend include:

  • Overall Look: Minimalistic, uncluttered, unfinished, clean-lined, and relaxed
  • Colour Palette: Neutral with dark tones mixed in; bright colours should be minimised
  • Decorative Elements: Pendant lights or Edison bulbs, green plants, vintage photos, abstract wall art, open shelving, wire baskets, exposed pipes, beams, and ductwork
  • Materials: Iron, steel, copper, brass, glass, wood, distressed leather
  • Furniture: Straight-lined with subtle curves, simple, and understated with a focus on mixed materials (particularly metal and wood)

As a starting point, find neutral tones and mix them with metal, wood, and subtle ornamentation to create a solid industrial look in any room of your home. Furniture like our Suzanne Metal and Wood Bed Frame has clean, defined lines that use both materials to provide the perfect industrial look.

Whether this is your starting point or a way to finish off this particular interior design style, it’s important your colours, accessories and furniture all work together to create a cohesive look you can enjoy and be proud of.

You can also go for large, untreated windows and exposed brick to help accentuate a room’s architectural beauty, which emphasises the barebones functional effect. Think about understated accents like simple frames, plants, and a wooden bed frame completes the look with ease.

Glam Interior Design Trends

What’s more glamorous than Hollywood? That’s the inspiration behind glam interior design styles. It’s above decadence, extravagance, and luxury. The focus here is on the dramatic, creating elaborate centre or focal pieces that immediately draw the eye, while everything else supports it.

You’ll be looking at bold colours that pop, lavish textures, over-emphasised accents and similar ideas in this interior design trend, using it to create a look so stunning that no one will ever forget it.

To achieve a luxurious glam look, pay attention to the following:

  • Overall Look: Expensive, sophisticated, over-the-top, and fashion-forward
  • Colour Palette: Light neutral tones blended with pops of saturated colour, pastels, or metallics
  • Decorative Elements: Crystal or metallic chandeliers, mirrors, statement wall art, fur or animal print rugs, colourful floral arrangements, floor length drapes in luxurious fabrics
  • Materials: Silver, gold, brass, crystals, glass, marble, velvet, fur, silk
  • Furniture: Tufted and nailhead detailed upholstery, metal, or glass, often with sculpted curves or strong geometry

With plush textiles (as seen on our upholstered beds), and glitzy metallics like gold and crystal, you have the hallmarks of a glam aesthetic. Use this as a starting point for any room and find a balance that really captures who you are and what you stand for.

Glam should feel every bit as good as it looks. This means you have to look at more than just the appearance of a room, but also the feeling of what you include. Things like textured accent pillows, fur throws, metallic vases, and metal framed sofas can make a glam style feel both cosy and polished.

Photo: @lisaherland

Contemporary Interior Design Styles

Of all the different interior design styles, a contemporary interior design style is the most versatile, which means you’ll find it in a lot of homes. That doesn’t mean endless rooms that look the same, though. There’s plenty of ways to make it your own. This home decor style focuses on simplicity and openness, but there’s enough flexibility to adapt as things change.

You’ll want to focus on neutral colours with clean lines. You can support this with softer tones and accents to add character, and use fabrics and accessories to highlight who you are and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Bear in mind these key design principles for a contemporary look:

  • Overall Look: Uncluttered, minimalistic, functional, and light and airy with a focus on space rather than things
  • Colour Palette: Pale and muted neutrals with the occasional hint of colour
  • Decorative Elements: Geometric or colourful accent pillows, plants in plain pots or vases, woven area rugs, wool throws, contemporary artwork with simple frames
  • Materials: Textural fabrics like wool, linen, silk, and jute; wood in natural tones, tile, iron, and chrome
  • Furniture: Clean-lined, simple, and structured, often featuring exposed legs and natural wood tones

Outfitting a room with mostly muted tones and neutral furniture, like our Debi Upholstered Bed, lets statement pieces like a patterned rug, feature wall, or any other focus area, stand out. This is where your personal stamp shines through.

Don’t crowd your rooms with furniture when creating a contemporary style in your home. Remember that less is more when it comes to furniture and other staple pieces. Simple, streamlined elements like crisp white linens and metal bed frames make it easy to switch out statement pieces as tastes and trends change.

Mid-Century Modern Decor Ideas

Inspired by the 1930’s to 1960’s, mid-century modern design trends capture what made those eras so popular and modernise them to match the needs of today. There’s a strong connection to nature, but shapes and materials can be very avant-garde.

You can see that the home interior design ideas of mid-century interior design are different from the other styles we’ve talked about so far. There’s an emphasis on natural light, greenery, wooden elements and earthy tones, which all blend well together.

When incorporating mid-century modern design, consider the following:

  • Overall Look: Organic, earthy, pure and simplistic, comfortable, and practical
  • Colour Palette: Dark, warm neutrals accented with saturated earth tones, like rust, mustard, and avocado
  • Decorative Elements: Abstract art and prints, wood panelling, dramatic greenery, floor-to-ceiling windows, sheer window treatments, pendant lighting
  • Materials: Leather, wool, linen, cotton, mid-toned wood, plastic, glass, vinyl, and brass
  • Furniture: Organically curved or straight-lined with strong geometry, often with a mixture of different materials in one room

Enhance the mid-century modern look with green plants and natural light help bring the outdoors in. Combine this with rustic wood grain and earthy tones, along with the cleanliness of our sofas, to enhance the style even more.

Mid-century modern home decor doesn’t shy away from a deeper colour palette, though, as long as it doesn’t feel unnatural or clash with the tones and colours used elsewhere. The Lauren Sofa in this living space is the perfect addition to this mid-century living room décor.

Photo: @jeansthoughts

Traditional Styles For Your Home

For an interior design style that isn’t angular or streamlined, a traditional look might be the best for you. This focuses on warmth, comfort, and familiarity above all else, with the odd ornamental touch and personal accessories to make it personal to you. It shouldn’t feel overly fancy or pretentious, though.

As the name implies, this aesthetic is about timelessness, not trends. This means you aren’t looking for constant or quick changes, so pick out everything you include carefully. While you can make changes whenever you want, be sure they fit in with the style for a true blend.

When going for a traditional style, think about:

  • Overall Look: Classic, comfortable, homey, elegant, and ornamental
  • Colour Palette: Warm toned neutrals with deep and saturated accent colours, like reds and blues
  • Decorative Elements: Antique vases and china, damask or floral patterned drapery and rugs, landscape artwork in embellished frames, crown moulding and wainscotting, patterned wallpaper, colourful floral arrangements
  • Materials: Darker woods with exposed grain, silver, gold, silk, velvet, leather, and tufted upholstery
  • Furniture: Often wooden or upholstered, with curved lines and decorative details like button-tufting, wingbacks, and claw-feet

While traditional interior design styles aren’t afraid of a little colour, like the distinct reds and blues in this cosy bedroom, they should be balanced carefully. Tufted furniture pieces like our upholstered beds make it feel sophisticated, yet comfortable, which ticks all the boxes. Our wooden bed frames can also keep the traditional style of wood ceiling beams.

Comfort is everything when it comes to traditional styles. Match your upholstered furniture with soft silhouettes (like seen on our sofas) create a balanced look that’s warm and inviting. This truly shows off everything an traditional interior design look stands for.

What Home Interior Design Ideas Should You Choose?

As we said before, how you style your home is a personal choice. What interior design style you choose depends on you, your home and what you feel comfortable living in. There’s no right or wrong here, and everyone will add their own personal touches to whatever style they choose.

Whether you go for an Industrial look or something more contemporary, you can change at any time - this isn’t a decision you have to keep for years on end, although constant changes can put a strain on your finances and time, so think carefully about what to choose and which look appeals to you the most.