How Can A Spring Clean Get Your Bedroom Ready For The Summer?

How Can A Spring Clean Get Your Bedroom Ready For The Summer?

With warmer days and lighter nights finally returning, it’s the perfect time for a spring clean to get your bedroom ready for the new season. We’ve invited the fantastic blogger and interior decorator Stephanie Jane Cameron to give us her top tips on getting your bedroom ready for the summer months.

You’ve heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” and now is the perfect time to embrace this as a period of change. Springtime brings a sense of refreshment along with new decorating ideas. A bright new season is a popular time to clear away clutter and give an uplift to your space that matches the warmer, sunnier days.

This is why we asked Stephanie for some of her favourite tips and ideas to get you started. Follow her advice to get that spring clean done in record time and give your bedroom a whole new feel - just in time for summer.

Make A Plan For Your Bedroom Ideas

Before moving any furniture or buying new pieces, take some time to figure out what bedroom ideas you have for your space. You don’t need a concrete plan but having a general idea will save you time and money. Stephanie’s tip: centre your redecorating around one focal point, like a piece of furniture.

Before doing anything, it’s best to take a moment, a few deep breaths, and think about what you want to do with the bedroom - or any space in your home. You don’t need fully sketched plans or detailed notes, but an idea of what’s important that you must keep.

Stephanie’s tip: centre your redecorating around one focal point, like a piece of furniture.

“When designing any space, I usually start with the rug since it is the foundation of a room. In this case I already had the rug, so I was really looking for a showstopper of a headboard or bed to be the focal point of this space, and I definitely found that in Zinus upholstered bed frames! The rest of the design flowed from there.”

Set The Mood

Once you have this idea in your head, you can look to blogs, social media and websites to find the specific style or aesthetic that you’re looking for. Search for spring cleaning, summer bedrooms, summer colours, home decor and other ideas to get started.

Once you find something you like, look at the categories, tags or hashtags and narrow your search further. Go deeper into these areas to see even more ideas you might not have thought out. Try making a mood board so you can visualise everything you want to bring together.

Stephanie recommends figuring out all your focal point pieces of furniture then creating your board. “I create my mood boards on PowerPoint. As I find ideas, I will pull in photos from the web, remove the background, and layer them into my mood board. It really helps to be able to see the colours, patterns, and other elements together in one place. A mood board creates a great jumping off point for the direction you want to go with the design.”

Clear Your Bedroom Clutter With A Spring Clean

Before you can start adding things to your bedroom that you’ve found from your searches, you need to clear the bedroom clutter. This is where a spring clean can really help free up space you’d completely forgotten was hidden in the room.

Think about what you use often, and what you don’t, to see if there are belongings that aren’t needed any more. You can also use this time to clean down surfaces that have been covered by throws or ornaments that haven’t been moved for a while.

Everything you decide isn’t needed doesn’t have to be thrown away or donated. You can see if they fit other rooms in your home, or box them up to make your bedroom cosier and warmer when the weather turns colder again.

Bring In New Ideas To Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Getting ready for the summer is a great chance to bring something new to your bedroom. It’s time to pack away the heavy fabrics and materials that have been keeping you warm from the winter, like throws and rugs, and bring in lighter covers that lets the air flow easier.

Our furnishings, such as cushions, curtains and blankets also add a sense of personality to a room, and this is important in any bedroom - whether it’s yours or a guest room.

“Layering different textures in a space instantly takes the design up a notch and can make even the most neutral, minimal space feel cosy and interesting,” Stephanie says. “Velvet is one of my very favourite materials and I always try to incorporate it into a space when given the opportunity! I also love a good channel tufted headboard, and the combination of the two made the [bed] the perfect choice for this space.”

Fabrics and textures are also a budget friendly way to brighten up your bedroom. You can add colour and patterns easily, which makes changing up the room easy at different times of the year.

“In terms of comfort, it was important to have a comfortable, high quality mattress in our guest bedroom. We host family and friends in our home frequently and it was very important to me to provide a soft, comfortable, beautiful space for our guests to rest, recharge, and feel right at home.”

Pay Attention To The Details

These details can really change the look and feel of a bedroom in an instant - as long as you have space to store them when not in use. We’ve found many people who keep their bedrooms the same through the year, every year, because they don’t want to repaint or buy new furniture - but you don’t have to.

The fabrics we mentioned, like cushions, blankets, and rugs, can be swapped out alongside artwork, ornaments and even different lights, to create a whole new aesthetic and style.

“My favourite way to switch up my decor for different seasons is by switching out smaller items like pillows, throws, and art, and bringing in seasonal florals and greenery. Most of my home gets some sort of small seasonal updates, but I especially love making little changes in the bedrooms - I think it just makes those spaces feel so fresh and calming!”

Go With The Flow

The final piece of advice from Stephanie is to be flexible. Don’t be afraid to change your mind as you redecorate based on a new idea. This makes sure you’ll be completely happy with what you end up with.

Mood boards “may or may not work just as well once you see them in person and things always change a little bit, but I truly believe that everyone should be able to create a home that they love no matter their home size, skill set, budget, etc.”

Give Your Bedroom A Spring Clean Regularly

While redecorating can be a big task - even if you just change colours, accessories, furnishings and other parts - it’s worth dedicating some time a couple of times a year to give your bedroom a spring clean and refreshing it so it’s always the haven you want it to be.

We believe there’s so much value to be had doing this, and it means everything you buy gets used each year - and can last longer by being stored safely. For bigger changes, look at the furniture you have and what kind of changes you’ve made so far. This might reveal the next big change, whether it’s a new bed or even a wardrobe.

If you want to find more ideas of what you can do with your home and furniture, check out our blog. We have a great team exploring new ideas, trends and uses for furniture that can transform your home.