How To Style Small Dining Rooms

How To Style Small Dining Rooms

The dining room is the social hub of any home, and it’s a room people use every day. From family meals to entertaining guests and so much more, this is a space that has to wear many hats, which makes finding the right style hard - but Zinus is here to help you get started!

Small dining rooms can be tricky to style, as you have less space to use despite having just as much to do with it, but it’s definitely something you can get right. To make it easier for you to create just what you imagine, we’ve come up with a range of small dining room ideas that you can follow or use as a starting point.

We’ll look at what happens in the dining room, the best colours to use, what furniture you need, how to light the room and plenty more.

What Furniture Brings A Small Dining Room To Life?

Knowing what you might do in the dining room can help you discover just what you need to make those plans a reality. The size of your family, the number of guests you want to entertain, the space you have, and what you need from it, will also play a part in deciding what furniture you should invest in.

There are three main things you’ll want to include, especially in a small dining room. Don’t forget, though, that good quality furniture doesn’t have to break the bank, either, and this is something we’re committed to at Zinus.

The Dining Table

As the most obvious and important piece of dining room furniture, a dining table is one of the first things you should think about. This is going to take up the most space in the room, and there are plenty of sizes and shapes to choose from, so no matter what you have in mind, you’ll be able to find a good one.

You might want a round table, or opt for a square or rectangular shape. The size of your table will depend on the size of the dining room, how many people will be using it and whether you think there will be more people than usual on occasion.

Wood tables, metal tables, wood and metal tables - these are the materials you can choose from, with the colours and tones varying to match the aesthetic you want to create. If you want to save on space, a folding table can be a great option for you, letting more people sit at the dining table comfortably when required - or helping you move it out of the way when not in use. This is a great way to make the room even more versatile.

Dining Table Chairs

No dining set is complete without matching dining chairs, so everyone can sit at the table and enjoy those home cooked meals. These can be individual dining table chairs that create a matching set with your table, or benches that can be stacked and stored away neatly.

Much like the dining table, you can choose between wood, metal, and wood and metal dining chairs, with padded seats optional. This adds more variety and colour to your dining room, making them an even more important choice as you’ll want them to match the rest of your room. Find the right tones and colours to really make them a seamless addition.

Storage Furniture

Other pieces of furniture you might choose for the dining room include storage units that keep everything you need close at hand. Plates, cutlery and glassware can be stored - and even displayed - close to the table, while drawers, bookcases and shelves all add more character and personality to a small dining room.

In some cases, the dining room can double up as an office, so a desk can fit in nicely if there’s room for one, even in a corner or unused area.

We recommend dressing units, display cabinets, and furniture with cupboards and drawers. You’ll definitely find this storage space invaluable, perhaps even clearing up clutter from other parts of your home. You only need one or two items to make sure you don’t make the room too busy and cramped, but still functional enough to free up space elsewhere in your home.

Small Dining Room Ideas To Capture Your Style

Now that you have an idea of what dining room furniture you can bring home, it’s time to bring those pieces together to really make this room your own. However, there’s more to a room than furniture, with colour choice, positioning and more all contributing to an amazing dining room.

However, if you’re limited with space, small dining room ideas can help you get the most out of this part of your home.

There are plenty of design trends to think about, whether you want a cosy room, an industrial look, something more modern, or something else entirely! It might be a combination of ideas that you bring to life to show off your favourite elements or themes.

Here are three ways to transform a smaller dining room into something special.

The Best Colours For A Small Dining Room

There are so many great small dining room colours to choose from. Ultimately, what you choose is down to personal preference, but some colours are better than others when it comes to a dining room.

If you want your small dining room to feel bigger, then pale and neutral colours are definitely the way to go. Don’t worry if this feels a little boring - it doesn’t have to be! The brightness is accentuated by natural and artificial light to make the room feel like it has more space - and it can be supported with smaller flashes of colour through art and accessories.

Try combining this by choosing a feature wall that has a strong colour, with pale colours supporting it on either side. They can match or be more neutral, depending on what you feel suits the mood and best represents you.

Orange is a popular colour for dining rooms, while reds, greens, and creams are also great options. Experiment with different shades and tones to find the right one, and know the different combinations can unlock even more moods and effects, as you can see with these examples from Dulux.

The Right Layout For Your Small Dining Room

The layout of a small dining room is so important to getting the most out of your space. Putting furniture in the right place makes every plan or occasion much easier to organise and enjoy.

In a square or rectangular room, think of where the doors are and what paths people will take as they walk through. A table in the centre creates a focal point, with plenty of room all around for people to easily take their places, but this leaves less room for other furniture or uses.

With other layouts, like an L-shape or a room with a curved wall, a table can work better closer to a wall to make sure it doesn’t block exits - and you can position other pieces of furniture around it and make them easy to get to whenever you need.

Think about the window - or windows - too, as you’ll want to make use of the natural light while you can. This will change how you feel in the room and make any scenic views part of the aesthetic.

Simple Small Dining Room Ideas That Are Surprisingly Effective

There are so many things you can do with a dining room, so working with a smaller space can be a challenge. We’ve thought about some simple small dining room ideas that can transform the room into something special without taking too much time or money.

Build on these ideas and make sure you keep some space to move around freely - and don’t forget to let in as much natural light as you can. This will help any small dining room feel much bigger and relaxing.

Make The Dining Table The Centre Of Attention

Combine the dining and social experiences together by making the table the focus of your dining room. Choose your favourite size and shape of dining table and put it right in the middle of the room, making it easy for everyone to take a seat.

This becomes the go-to place for meals, but with comfortable and stylish furniture, it is a great place to gather and discuss, well, anything!

Catch-up on the day, plan future events, spread out notes or photos for all to see - the possibilities are endless, and it makes a small dining room so much more versatile right away.

You can then build your dining room around the table - but be careful not to compromise access to this centrepiece.

Split The Dining Room Into Different Areas

When you have big plans for a small dining room, try dividing the room up to create separate areas for each desired function.

Find a dining table set that fits in neatly to one side or corner of the room, or opt for a folding table that can be moved or extended. This frees up space for other uses, such as including a desk for when you have work to complete, or the kids have homework.

Use an area of the room for exercise or hobbies that take up more space, such as painting, or add cabinets or bookshelves that can store or display the things you want to use in this room. This might be cookbooks, ornaments, glasses and plates, as well as much more.

This gives every small dining room a bit more structure, making it easier to fulfil every need you have.

Go For A Minimal Look

If you favour a minimalistic style, focus exclusively on the dining experience. A rustic table with benches that can be tucked underneath it, for example, will save space when not in use while bringing everyone together for memorable meals.

Where other options include different furniture or ways to use the dining room in different ways, this approach looks to clear the room of everything that might distract from the dining experience.

This focuses the room on a single purpose, with everything else being integrated into other rooms.

Creating The Perfect Small Dining Room

As with any home decor project, a lot of what to do comes down to your taste and style. You might want to create an industrial looking room, or go with an art deco theme - among hundreds of other options - or go with something more unique to you.

Balancing the style of your small dining room with how you intend to use it will help narrow your choices of colours, furniture and accessories so that you enjoy every moment you spend in it.

The Zinus team are always exploring new ideas and styles to inspire you as you create the perfect home. Check our blog to find even more ways to transform your home into something truly special.