The Best Cosy Living Room Ideas Perfect For Autumn

The Best Cosy Living Room Ideas Perfect For Autumn

As summer draws to an end, we’re surrounded by fallen leaves of red and amber, shorter days, and colder weather. This is when we start to think about how warm and welcoming our home is when we spend time away from it - and a cosy living room is one of the most snuggly and inviting rooms to return to.

Not everyone has a cosy living room, and those that do can always make it even cosier, so the Zinus team is here to help you gather the best cosy living room ideas to create one of your own and have something to look forward to every day.

What Is A Cosy Living Room?

A cosy living room is a place you can picture yourself relaxing all warm and snuggly. Curling up on the sofa to watch a movie, wrapping up warm with a book, enjoying conversation with friends over a cup of tea - whatever it is, this is the place you imagine doing it in. When the weather is cold and wet, you’ll be glad to be inside and wrapped up with all your favourite things.

How To Make A Living Room Cosy

There are plenty of ways to make a living room cosy, and some will depend on the size of your living room, the budget you have, and your decor tastes. The definition of cosy can change from one person to the next, as we all have an idea of what we want to find in these rooms.

We’ve gathered up the best cosy living room ideas that are simple to implement and will transform your living room into something brand new. Even if you spread these ideas out over a period of time, you’ll feel the difference right away with each tip you try.

Find The Right Colours

The colour scheme sets the mood for a cosy living room, but there are more choices than you might think.

The most obvious choice is for a neutral palette to make a living room cosy. This amplifies the natural light you get in the living room and makes it a bright, airy space to relax in. It’s a great choice, and a versatile option that blends well with different tones and shades - even some pale colours.

But there is another option. Choose a dark or moody colour to create an intimate cosy living room that encourages you to curl up on the sofa with a good book and lose yourself in another world. Great colours to consider are navy blue, forest green and dark grey.

Get The Lighting Right

Natural light is important in any room - and more so if you opt for the darker colours to make sure the room doesn’t feel overly small. Cosy living rooms will see a lot of use, so you’ll want natural light and then good lighting for the night time.

On top of this, look at focus lighting, such as lamps, to add more light to a specific area. This might be around the sofa, a reading corner, or around a table if you have one. There are even wall-mounted accent lights for adding to the mood, making plenty of cosy living room ideas before you even fill the room.

Choose A Comfortable Sofa

Of all the ways to make a living room cosy, the sofa is one of the most important. It needs to be big enough for you, your partner, and any children or guests - and that means it’s going to see a lot of use.

It should be in a prominent spot in your cosy living room, with good lighting at all times - even when you want to change the mood. Find a sofa that is good to sit on, large enough for you and your guests, but perfect for curling up when you want to relax.

We recommend the Sayan Traditional Sofa or the Lauren Mid-Century Sofa, for two different cosy living room ideas.

Make It Soft Under Foot

Cosy living rooms are warm, comfortable and soft - and anything hard and cold takes away from that feeling.

The best choice is to have a thick, gentle carpet for when you walk through the room. It beats a cold, hard floor every time, especially during the cold, winter months. As temperatures begin to drop in the autumn, this is the perfect choice.

That said, if you’d prefer a stylish wooden floor, a rug can be used instead. Find a large one that covers the parts of the floor you use the most, and then match it to the colour scheme in your cosy living room. Either find one to blend in or add some contrast, colour or patterns to your room with one simple addition.

Add Some Personality

Once you have your colours, furniture and layout, you might think you’ve exhausted all cosy living room ideas - but there’s more!

Until now, we’ve told you how to create a generic cosy living room that you might find in a number of homes, but now it’s time to make it your own.

Make a living room cosy by adding touches of your favourite colours or patterns through accessories and art. Use sofa throws to add more warmth and softness while bringing a dash of your favourite tone - and you can change these up with every new season. Cushions and curtains do the same thing, and make the ultimate cosy living room.

Why Are Cosy Living Room Ideas Great For Autumn?

When the light starts to fade and the temperature drops, a cosy living room is the best way to feel warm and snug each and every day. There is no better haven for you to come home to, and it’s never been easier to find those feelings yourself.

As great as it is, you’ll want to make sure you know how to clean your upholstered furniture so it’s always fresh and inviting. For more design tips, and how to transform any room in your home to something truly special, explore our blog now.